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15 March 1985 - Hollywood Sportatorium, Pembroke Pines, Florida [Audio - Audience]

By-Tor X-1

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Hollywood, FL Raw Source '85
Improvising Windows

Track Listing:

01 - The Spirit Of Radio
02 - Subdivisions
03 - The Body Electric
04 - The Enemy Within
05 - The Weapon
06 - Witch Hunt
07 - Guitar Interlude
08 - The Big Money
09 - New World Man
10 - Between The Wheels
11 - Red Barchetta
12 - Distant Early Warning
13 - Red Sector A
14 - Closer To The Heart
15 - Middletown Dreams

This recording features early live versions of The Big Money and Middletown Dreams.
This is Rush's final performance of The Enemy Within, and third to last performance of The Weapon.
Another interesting aspect of this recording is the short guitar interlude by Alex played before The Big Money.
Yet another interesting thing to note, Geddy randomly sings the line "one likes to believe in the freedom of baseball" during The Spirit Of Radio, which he only sang during the North American dates of the Signals tour, as well as the late '83 GUP warm-up tour in New York. During the preceding GUP tour of '84, he always delivers the original lyrics "...freedom of music".
This recording is incomplete, cutting off after Middletown Dreams, so is missing YYZ, Neil's drum solo, Temples Of Syrinx, Tom Sawyer, Red Lenses, Vital Signs, Finding My Way, and In The Mood.


Funny you commented on this one, I’d been listening to these shows again last week, and I’ve still had the March 12 show (is both complete and the best quality) on repeat over the last several days while at work. I really like that one. The early versions of The Big Money and Middletown Dreams in these three shows are the same versions as those from the Power Windows demo tape. Really interesting to hear the differences.
I've never heard Geddy say "freedom of baseball" in a show that wasn't on the Signals tour; that was unexpected lol.
Edit: Is this recording fast? Subdivisions sounds really sped up; maybe that was how they played it on/around the PoW tour?
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I knew I had once heard one random post-83 date that he sang "freedom of baseball", but for the life of me I couldn't figure out which one it was to make note of it. I thought it was from a GUP tour show, but this must have been it unless he did it more than once. Thanks for pointing it out! I put a note in the main post.

Yeah, it seems like it may be a bit too fast, everything they're playing seems somewhat speedy, but sometimes it's easily unnoticeable. Pitch seems a a bit high too, so that was the first a red flag to me. I've just listened up through The Enemy Within, and I definitely notice it. Overall not too distracting, but I'll definitely work on slowing it down a bit at some point. I uploaded this one before I was thoroughly paying attention and fixing every single issue I could with every recording as I do these days. When I first got the master Rush hard drive, I was kinda going crazy and trying to upload them all as fast as possible (explains how I got all the PeW tour shows up so quick), then I started realizing that there's a lot more with problems than I first expected, so I started being extremely thorough and started giving everything special time and care. There's several recordings I know I need to work on and reupload once I revisit those dates in my chronological run through (which I plan to resume very soon).