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13 October 2002 Vapor Trails Atlanta, Georgia FM Broadcast/SBD


New member
Track List:
1. Tom Sawyer
2. Distant Early Warning
3. New World Man
4. Roll the Bones
5. Earthshine
6. YYZ
7. The Pass
8. Bravado
9. The Big Money
10. Between Sun & Moon
11. Vital Signs
12. Natural Science
13. One Little Victory
14. Driven
15. Ceiling Unlimited
16. Secret Touch
17. Dreamline
18. Red Sector A
19. Leave That Thing Alone
20. The Rhythm Method
21. Resist
22. 2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx
23. Limelight
24. La Villa Strangiato
25. The Spirit of Radio
26. By-Tor and the Snow Dog
27. Cygnus X-1
28. Working Man

I have two other unique recordings for this show—look forward to hearing if this is number three!