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11 June 1977 - Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England [Audio - Audience]

By-Tor X-1

Staff member

1977-06-11 - Newcastle, England
Newcastle UK 1977

Track Listing:

01 - Bastille Day
02 - Anthem
03 - Lakeside Park
04 - 2112
05 - Xanadu
06 - Something For Nothing
07 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog
08 - The Necromancer
09 - Working Man
10 - Finding My Way
11 - Working Man (Reprise)
12 - Drum Solo
13 - Fly By Night
14 - In The Mood
15 - What You're Doing

This was Rush's seventh performance outside of North America.
These European dates at the end of the ATWAS tour mark the first appearances of the entirety of Discovery being performed during 2112, which would carry into the next two tours.
This recording features an early live version of Xanadu with alternate lyrics, "the miracle of ages coming true".
This recording also features one of eight known rare live recordings of The Necromancer.
In The End has now been dropped from the setlist, most likely to allow for more time to perform Xanadu which had replaced The Twilight Zone.
This recording is missing Best I Can as the final song from the second encore.

From Xanadu and onward, the sound quality drops drastically, and becomes extremely muffled and distorted, making it very likely the worst sounding Rush recording out there.
Fair Warning: It's nearly unlistenable past a certain point, and the further you go, the bass distortion will become very painful to listen to.
Honestly, this is the only recording I've come across so far that I'd say I will likely never listen to.