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    My Rush Tickets

    I have no idea if these are of interest to anyone out there, but just in case.... Feel free to use the images, I make no copyright claims on them. Sometime around late 77 early 78, my cousin played me 2112. I was hooked. Gig 1 - 16 Feb 78 Glasgow, Scotland - I was a 15 year old spotty...
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    Audio 24 April 1988 - National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England [Audience]

    My 7th Rush gig & the last for a while. I wasn't into the Synth Stuff & this gig did it for me. I wrote them off at this point & lost interest. Rush_24_Apr_88_Birmingham Ticket
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    Audio 21 May 1983 - Wembley Arena, London, England [Audience]

    My 6th Rush gig, NEC Arena, Birmingham, UK Here's the Ticket Rush_14_May_83_Birmingham Ticket
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    Audio 31 October 1981 - Deeside Leisure Centre, Queensferry, Wales [Audience]

    I was at the Bingley Hall ( Stafford, UK) gig the night before ( 30 Oct ) My 5th Rush gig. This may have been the gig where Geddy asked for our respects for a couple of fans killed on their way to the gig. I clearly remember the video for Red Barchetta, playing behind them...
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    Audio 17 June 1980 - Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England [Audience]

    My 4th Rush gig. Another where I hung around the back of the hall afterwards & met Alex & Geddy, getting autographs ( Unfortunatley long since gone ) here's the ticket Rush_17_June_80_Manchester Ticket
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    Audio 7 May 1979 - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England [Audience]

    I was at the gig in Birmingham, UK 10 May 1979 - my 2nd Rush gig - I waited around the back of the hall for the guys. Eventually got invited in & got some autographs ( Unfortunatley, long since gone ). I was gutted that Neil had removed his moustache. I asked him why...... His reply...
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    Audio 22 September 1979 - New Bingley Hall, Stafford, England [Audience]

    I was at the gig on the 21st Sept. ( My 3rd Rush gig ) . This may have been the gig where Geddy asked for us to show respects for a couple of fans who had been killed on the way to the gig. I also have a large poster from the gig. I bought it years later as a Student at Uni. It proudly shows...
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    Audio 16 February 1978 - The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland [Audience]

    I was at this gig. My 1st Rush gig, as a 17 year old youth. Bought the the T-shirt & Programme ( both since long gone ) Vividly remember Alex & Geddy playing the twin necks. I kept the Ticket Rush_16_Feb_78_Glasgow.JPG