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  1. TelamonLivesOn

    Mystic Rhythms - AI Separated Stems

    I've found Ultimate Vocal Remover to be really good. I use the GUI version. It's also completely free.
  2. TelamonLivesOn

    Search For 8mm Signals Footage

    I never knew this existed. I thought the only Signals videos that existed were from the nights in Montreal. I hope you can find this!
  3. TelamonLivesOn

    Thin Sounding Rush

    Somebody did a simple remaster on YouTube (channel was deleted by the owner), but it made Presto's bass sound amazing. Honestly, I would love to see some Rush albums with a less thin sound to them with the tech you have.
  4. TelamonLivesOn

    15 November 1975 - National Guard Armory, Rockford, Illinois [Audio - Audience]

    I really hope at least No One at the Bridge was played live. The vocal performance is just amazing in that part. I could care less about the other parts, to be quite honest. As good as Bacchus Plateau is, No One at the Bridge is the most memorable from this entire song. I can't imagine how...
  5. TelamonLivesOn

    8 March 1990 - The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan [Audio - Pro Shot Film]

    I made a post about this a while back. Quite an amazing bootleg
  6. TelamonLivesOn

    Rush Seattle 1992

    Wasn't sure if this was archived or not, but I found this a while back (mostly because it was the concert my dad went to). Here is what appears to be a mostly-complete video recording of Rush on the Roll The Bones Tour in Seattle. NOTE: While watching, I also noticed that this show has a...
  7. TelamonLivesOn

    Archive 101: A Beginner's Guide To Rush Bootlegs

    Make sure for the MECCA Arena concert on the Grace Under Pressure Tour, you listen to the high-quality version in the comments. With proper equalization, it completely outshines the "Experience to Extremes" Version.
  8. TelamonLivesOn

    9 April 1983 - Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec [Audio - Audience]

    With the program I was using, it did seem to desync after Spirit of Radio, but that could easily have been my own fault.
  9. TelamonLivesOn

    9 April 1983 - Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec [Audio - Audience]

    I actually tried combining this footage and separate audio source together, and it looks/sounds wonderful. The only issue with the footage seems to be the compression, but it seems pretty easy to remove for personal viewing with AI programs.
  10. TelamonLivesOn

    Afterimage video footage?

    It's ok, at least we have audio from that night. Otherwise, I wonder if we can find 1st gen masters of those concerts. The YouTube footage suffers from bad compression, so having a less-compressed version would be better.
  11. TelamonLivesOn

    Afterimage video footage?

    Red lenses is always a treat when looking at Rush bootlegs. Not just because of the audience reaction, but from Geddy's Scream, the drum solo, or in the case of the Japan/Hawaii concerts, the bass solo. I almost exclusively listen to these bootlegs for the Afterimage, Kid Gloves, Between the...
  12. TelamonLivesOn

    Afterimage video footage?

    I found an audio-only bootleg of the second night (Afterimage sounds amazing here), but am really excited to see video of it. I really do hope it is better quality like the one from the Signals Tour or Power Windows Tour.
  13. TelamonLivesOn

    Afterimage video footage?

    Do you happen to know where I can view the second night recording? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  14. TelamonLivesOn

    21 September 1984 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario [Audio - Audience]

    I am hoping that video of the entire show exists. I know Afterimage was taken out of the setlist by this point, but I won't be disappointed with video of The Body Electric, Between the Wheels, Kid Gloves, and Red Lenses.
  15. TelamonLivesOn

    25 June 1984 - MECCA Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [Audio - Audience]

    Awesome, thanks for this! I will give it a good listen. EDIT: I was able to use my audio player EQ to get roughly the same sound as the upload on YouTube. I can not get over how awesome this sounds!
  16. TelamonLivesOn

    25 June 1984 - MECCA Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [Audio - Audience]

    Ok, I just reached out to the current channel owner to provide lossless master archives of this and possibly the same show at the same location (MECCA Arena) for the following tour. Hopefully I will get a response back. When I do, I will let you know
  17. TelamonLivesOn

    Hold Your Fire Appreciation Thread

    Nice rankings. I've decided to listen more to Second Nature, and I've begun to warm up to it a little bit more. However, I still do think it is the weakest on the album. As for your number one song, Prime Mover, I love this song to death. It is actually close to being my favorite song off...
  18. TelamonLivesOn

    Rush Lego Set

    Awesome stuff. Honestly the price is probably better than the equivalent you would get from Lego themselves. This is something I will definitely look into. And thanks for recommending the Rush 1984 stage set idea: I would love to see one like that.
  19. TelamonLivesOn

    Hold Your Fire Appreciation Thread

    I think the part about Hold Your Fire I love the most is the bass guitar work. It is incredibly complex compared to the other albums of the time period. I feel this fact is often overlooked, as Hold Your Fire is generally considered mediocre by passing listeners.
  20. TelamonLivesOn

    Hold Your Fire Appreciation Thread

    I look forward to seeing what you think of the album's content overall. I used to hate this album, until I spent some time listening to it, and now I love it so much. As for PoW, I don't think I've done rankings on that album yet, but I do plan on doing them sometime soon.