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  1. Grace :)

    Is there a complete list of Soundboard recordings?

    We have our beginner's guide here which does include most if not all of the soundboards we have: https://rush-archives.net/index.php?threads/archive-101-a-beginners-guide-to-rush-bootlegs.226/. If you want a more complete list, we have one here as well...
  2. Grace :)

    Signals Tour Recommendations?

    Signals suffers really badly from mediocre bootlegs and a severe lack of recordings, much unlike the following Grace Under Pressure Tour where we have many recordings, with a good chunk of them being excellent. I've really only listened to a few Signals shows: mainly the Montreal stuff (because...
  3. Grace :)

    CD Burning Request! 10 December 1976 - Passaic, New Jersey

    Post was moved by admins to the Rush General area. Welcome to the site!
  4. Grace :)

    Audio 12 May 1983 - Forest National, Brussels, Belgium [Audience]

    By-Tor checked all of those UK dates (and I think all European dates) from the MP/ESL tours and couldn't find a single one that matched the audio from this show.
  5. Grace :)

    Audio 12 May 1983 - Forest National, Brussels, Belgium [Audience]

    This is one of the most bizarre and confusing recordings I've ever listened to before. I have all the reason in the world to believe that this is, indeed, a fake/modified recording, but I don't really think there is any way to tell without a new recording showing up or more information coming...
  6. Grace :)

    Audio 26 August 1974 - Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio [Soundboard]

    This version of Garden Road is so damn RAW. I love it so much.
  7. Grace :)

    AI Generated Bootlegs - Impossible or Imminent?

    Where there is AI-generated content, there are AI-powered tools to detect the content. Biggest example I can think of is AI-assisted cheats for video games that are impossible to detect through classic means, but there have been AI tools developed that can detect these cheats successfully...
  8. Grace :)

    Grace Under Pressure Appreciation Thread

    I think your new ranking reflects my thoughts now too. I still hold Between The Wheels and Afterimage in high regards, but songs like Distant Early Warning and Kid Gloves have dropped on my personal list. Lyrically, Red Lenses is very weak, but the instrumental is incredible, and that cannot...
  9. Grace :)

    My Rush Tickets

    Amazing! I wish I had been to all those tours. I only got to see Time Machine and Clockwork Angels before they stopped touring. Thank you for sharing all of this!
  10. Grace :)

    Video Circa 1982 - Unknown Location [Audience 8mm]

    Looks like you found it, awesome!!!
  11. Grace :)

    Audio Power Windows Demo Tape (1985)

    I personally have my doubts about that rumor. It seems too good to be true.
  12. Grace :)

    Looking For A 90s Interview

    Most media players support FLAC files. They're used by us to have lossless copies of audio in order to properly preserve the recordings, rather than something like MP3 or OGG where the audio is compressed and starts to lose important details.
  13. Grace :)

    Sunday Night Rankings (80s-90s)

    I love that Milwaukee show too! Probably the best audience recording of that tour, and certainly one of the best Rush boots I've ever heard. I think it shines even among soundboards. We're hoping at some point to create a better "recommended" version of that recording using the more recently...
  14. Grace :)

    Audio Power Windows Demo Tape (1985)

    This tape will have to be repaired at some point. Spending some time listening to it reveals a bunch of speed-ups and slow-downs. Not to mention a bunch of tape flutter. I would love to hear a properly mastered/mixed version of this recording. It already sounds really unique, given how it...
  15. Grace :)

    Rush Songs Never Played Live

    No worries! We added a note to the original post to make it less confusing.
  16. Grace :)

    Rush Songs Never Played Live

    This is BU2B, not BU2B(2). BU2B(2) was a very short interlude on Clockwork Angels that never got brought out live whereas BU2B was played during all dates on the Time Machine Tour.
  17. Grace :)

    Rush Demucs (AI Separated Stems)

    I've found Ultimate Vocal Remover to be really good. I use the GUI version. It's also completely free.
  18. Grace :)

    Video Circa 1982 - Unknown Location [Audience 8mm]

    I never knew this existed. I thought the only Signals videos that existed were from the nights in Montreal. I hope you can find this!
  19. Grace :)

    Thin Sounding Rush

    Somebody did a simple remaster on YouTube (channel was deleted by the owner), but it made Presto's bass sound amazing. Honestly, I would love to see some Rush albums with a less thin sound to them with the tech you have.
  20. Grace :)

    Audio 15 November 1975 - Rockford Armory, Rockford, Illinois [Audience]

    I really hope at least No One at the Bridge was played live. The vocal performance is just amazing in that part. I could care less about the other parts, to be quite honest. As good as Bacchus Plateau is, No One at the Bridge is the most memorable from this entire song. I can't imagine how...