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  1. By-Tor X-1

    Audio 13 November 1976 - Rockford Armory, Rockford, Illinois [Audience]

    As of a few minutes ago, the full concert is finally available on YouTube for everyone to hear. The video embeds above have been updated accordingly. At the moment, the lossless audio files are still not yet available, but once they are, we will be adding a download as soon as that happens.
  2. By-Tor X-1

    Video 21 October 1977 - Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth, Texas [Audience 8mm]

    Short, but awesome. I'm very happy that we're finally starting to find AFTK tour footage. Second only to the Kitchener 8mm that was found last summer. 2024 may continue the trend of 2023, with a bunch of significantly rare Rush recordings continuously being unearthed. I can say I'm confident on...
  3. By-Tor X-1

    Audio 15 May 1974 - Laura Secord Secondary School, St. Catharines, Ontario [Video Feed]

    Thanks to a fellow researcher and archivist, we've found an old newspaper dated for "Friday, May 17, 1974" which talks about Rush's performance at Laura Secord Secondary School having been filmed on Wednesday of that week by CKCO-TV, and would be televised on Saturday June 1st. With this...
  4. By-Tor X-1

    Footage of Rush at Ivor Wynne Stadium 1979

    @Grommet2112 has been planning to eventually make a new video compiling all the scattered sources of the Ivor Wynne footage, with pieces of original audio, so that may be something in the works for 2024.
  5. By-Tor X-1

    Audio 21 December 1981 - Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey [Audience]

    I do believe this is the second night at the Meadowlands, on December 22. A while ago I was closely examining the recordings to try making sure the dates weren't mixed up. From what I found, there is only one source of the first night and it's sadly missing The Camera Eye. A lot of these chain...
  6. By-Tor X-1

    Audio 7 April 1975 - Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio [Soundboard]

    I've talked with a few people about the omission of By-Tor on this show, and while not everyone feels the same way I do, I highly doubt they cut the song from this show. If they needed to shorten the set, it wouldn't be By-Tor, in my opinion. There's a cut before Working Man as well, a further...
  7. By-Tor X-1

    Video 10 January 1977 - Music Hall at Fair Park, Dallas, Texas [Audience 8mm]

    An audio sync with a rescan of the film is now available. The post above has been updated.
  8. By-Tor X-1

    Audio 5 March 1976 - Randhurst Ice Arena, Mount Prospect, Illinois [Audience]

    Based on what we know with other setlist, I may only speculate the Brantford set could have been something similar to this: Bastille Day, Anthem, Lakeside Park, The Necromancer, By-Tor, Fly By Night, Working Man, Finding My Way, In The Mood. It goes without saying that many people would love...
  9. By-Tor X-1

    Audio 12 May 1983 - Forest National, Brussels, Belgium [Audience]

    This recording drives me crazy, I've sat on it for a long time because I can't quite figure it out. If anyone has any historical knowledge about this recording, or this concert in general, PLEASE let us know.
  10. By-Tor X-1

    Audio 26 August 1974 - Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio [Soundboard]

    @rocky chains I do know the basic story, but I may be missing some specific details. The Agora in Cleveland regularly recorded many of the bands/artists who performed at the venue and would then broadcast the tapes on WMMS FM. That is why we have three different performances archived of Rush at...
  11. By-Tor X-1

    Interview 7 December 1978 - Alex Lifeson Interview on WLPX Milwaukee

    Interesting, I don't recall reading an interview where Alex talked about No One at the Bridge. Though that further proves the point of Alex's affection for the album. Also, nice to see Alex cite Steve Hackett as an influence, since I'm also a big Genesis fan.
  12. By-Tor X-1

    Interview 7 December 1978 - Alex Lifeson Interview on WLPX Milwaukee

    I agree it appears/appeared that Alex seemed to be the biggest fan of the album over the years. I even recall reading some magazine interview from 1981 or 1982 where Alex states his favorite guitar solo is from The Necromancer.
  13. By-Tor X-1

    Hold Your Fire Appreciation Thread

    @Grommet2112 Interesting how our lists are almost a reverse of each other.
  14. By-Tor X-1

    Hold Your Fire Appreciation Thread

    I thought it would be fun to revisit these threads all this time later, and see how much has changed. New Ranking (today in August 2023): Prime Mover, High Water, Mission, Turn The Page, Force Ten, Tai Shan, Lock And Key, Open Secrets, Time Stand Still, Second Nature Old Ranking (post above...
  15. By-Tor X-1

    Grace Under Pressure Appreciation Thread

    I thought it would be fun to revisit these threads all this time later, and see how much has changed. New Ranking (today in August 2023): Between The Wheels, Afterimage, Red Lenses, Red Sector A, The Body Electric, The Enemy Within, Kid Gloves, Distant Early Warning Old Ranking (post above...
  16. By-Tor X-1

    Video Circa 1983 - Unknown Location [Audience 8mm]

    Since this has been found, maybe I'll reformat this thread with a new post at the top with the usual formatting, and move it to the Signals tour... There will be some unknowns of course, but it'd be labeled similarly to that unknown 1979 soundcheck. I'm not sure if we'll ever really find out any...
  17. By-Tor X-1

    Audio 22 August 1979 - Capital Centre, Largo, Maryland [Audience]

    SHN is an outdated format and not easy to use these days. This is why we are in the process of converting all SHN files on the website to modern FLAC file format, but it is a process that is going to be taking some time. In the meantime, you can download a program online called "Trader's Little...
  18. By-Tor X-1

    What Was The Reason For The All The Worlds A Stage Tour

    This is going to be a bit of a long answer but I think all these details are important to your question. It really IS all the same tour, which is why in my notes for recordings I point out the ATWAS tour is just the continuation of the 2112 tour. We have to remember a lot of Rush's earlier...
  19. By-Tor X-1

    Video 23 March 1977 - Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, Kitchener, Ontario [Audience 8mm]

    I'm adding a comment here to get this thread seen in recent posts, since an audio sync has now been completed and shared by The Genesis Museum. The YouTube link above has been updated, and a copy has been added to the download link. The download link also still retains the silent raw video that...
  20. By-Tor X-1

    Audio 28 November 1976 - Selland Arena, Fresno, California [Audience]

    Yeah I need to update the main post's notes here about the Taurus pedals, I guess I'll just say "second earliest" instead of removing it completely, it's still something important to note. If the theory is correct that November 13 was the first performance of The Twilight Zone, and seeing that...